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We are at the conception stage of this company, please take your time and read about Uranium and all the positive profitable opportunities that exist. This web site will be updated almost daily to keep you informed of the changing complex issues regarding this highly valuable commodity. We believe there are many viable areas throughout Australia.  Click to view our future plans for uranium exploration. Demand for uranium is increasing daily, supply is tight and prices are heading north. Our research has indicated the state governments will become friendlier to the uranium issues as the benefits far outweigh the costs to the states. We believe we are at the early stage of this industry and see " blue sky " long term growth. We need financial backing as a public listing to grow this company in this exciting field. There are no shortages of opportunities for our company and the prospects of shareholder value long term are huge. Shortly i will be able to give you the details of a prospectus with one of the finest brokers in Australia. We are currently in discussions with :
Patersons Securities Ltd
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2 The Esplanade
Telephone: (08) 9263 1111
Facsimile: (08) 9325 6452
We will further update our discussions as details become available.

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Our company is currently looking for start up capital, we are at the stage of ' pre prospectus capital raising ' with a view to acquire tenements for uranium exploration, and further views of refining, conversion, fuel manufacturing, enrichment of uranium and listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.
We welcome the services of Tenement Administration Services Pty Ltd.

If you are interested in getting in at the pre listing stage as a valued shareholder please email or call.

Uranium is up 927% in less than 3 Years !!!!!!!!
According to the Uranium Information Center there are currently 441 nuclear reactors in the world. These plants power over 355 million homes and businesses worldwide. In addition to the 441 currently running, there are 27 more under construction. There are an additional 38 planned (meaning funded) and another 113 proposed (not yet funded).
If these all come on stream, that means we will have over 619 or a 40% increase of nuclear reactors in the world, not counting the results of many studies by more and more countries looking for alternatives to a shrinking oil supply.
Even well known environmentalists are starting to advocate nuclear power as the prime alternative to fossil fuels. Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace said "Expanding nuclear energy is one way that we can actually [reduce] reliance on fossil fuels in a big way," "Nuclear energy is the only non-greenhouse gas-emitting power source that can effectively replace fossil fuels and satisfy global demand."
USA Today reports that: "Nuclear power creates virtually none of the pollution that causes climate change and delivers electricity cheaper than other forms of generation do. If more reliable and cleaner energy is the goal, nuclear power has to be part of the solution."
So what does this mean for investors?
The key for investors is to understand that nuclear plants are powered by uranium. Without uranium, it is lights out. What investors also need to understand is that the cost of uranium in the overall cost of running the nuclear facility, is minimal compared to other fuel sources. As the cost of uranium increases, the impact on the cost of the nuclear plant is minimal. This is not the case with other forms of energy.

Uranium also has the advantage of being a highly concentrated source of energy which is easily and cheaply transportable. The quantities needed are very much less than for coal or il. One kilogram of natural uranium will yield about 20,000 times as much energy as the same amount of coal. It is therefore intrinsically a very portable and tradable commodity.
Like any new bull market, the initial investors always “look wrong” to the investment world – it is a fact of the human psyche. Three years ago to even suggest that Nuclear power was a solution for the global energy needs was considered “ridiculous”. Today, we have leading environmentalists promoting nuclear power as the leading solution to global warming and the high cost of fossil fuels.

Supply-side deficit a reality.
From Morgan Stanley – Global Insights
Mining fails to keep pace with demand. Uranium mine production in 2003 satisfied only 53% of our estimated demand for uranium. The balance of demand was met from stock depletion and dilution of weapons-grade highly enriched uranium. This has been the case for at least the past three years, when mine production accounted for only 55% of demand. This situation has, in our opinion, kept prices relatively low until recently, with utilities now starting to push prices higher in anticipation of a supply shortage.
An Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime
Make no mistake, the uranium consumption worldwide is increasing dramatically and the supply is dwindling. The boom for this sector is started now and those who invest in it now could be in for the investment opportunity of a lifetime.
The simple fact is that Uranium is in a crisis shortage, and the supply gap is growing by the day. Selling for $11 a pound. Today it is selling for $140.00 a pound – meaning that uranium has increased over 927% in 3 years!!
Better yet, most of the stock prices of the uranium companies  skyrocketed to over, 500%, 700% and a few over 1,500% in that same time period.
As well as these stocks have done, there are plenty more profits to be had. The truth is that the mass investor has not even heard of investing in uranium and has no idea that there are uranium stocks on the market. At this point, the average investor doesn't know the difference between uranium and aluminium. They have no idea that you can buy shares of uranium companies that explore and produce uranium. Check it out - ask a friend or work colleague who you know invests in the stock market to name you one uranium company – then watch the expression on their face. Ask the same question in 2 years and we bet they will know 2 or 3.
Uranium is starting to get some play in the mainstream media. Recently we seen China sign a significant deal with Australia securing large amounts of uranium for their planned nuclear expansion. We believe that this is just the start of some huge deals to be made as countries look to secure their energy future.

 uranium will slowly move from page 16 news, to page 1 news. When it reaches page 1 news, the masses will jump on board.
The successful investors are the ones that identify new bull markets, invest in them early,
The bottom line is that demand has outstripped supply by 160%, and this gap is growing every day.
The Time To Act Is NOW!
The fact is, the price of uranium is up over 927% in less than 3 years. There are no guarantees in life, but we believe that investing in uranium is the closest thing we have seen to guaranteed profits in over 20 years. We believe that this is an investment opportunity that is greater than the Internet boom, and even greater than the gold bull market currently under way.
It’s Your Money – Take Control!
If you are interested in participating in this uranium bull market and want to know what to to get in at the start of this company please contact us
We look forward to working with you! Contact us via email at
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