Uranium and the Labor Party
 Labor resources spokesman Chris Evans said Western Australia and Queensland would eventually drop their opposition to uranium mining, citing changing community attitudes on uranium and nuclear power. Senator Evans also told a conference in Fremantle that labor was likely to propose tax concessions - known as " flow-through shares" - aimed at encouraging smaller companies to explore for minerals before the federal election. The shares involve granting tax credits to investors who support exploration companies, a concession for which the mining industry has lobbied the federal government unsuccessfully since 2000.

On uranium, Senator Evans said that while change to state Labor policy was unlikely during the terms of WA Premier Peter Carpenter and Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, the ALP's reversal of its opposition to new uranium mines, coupled with a shift in public sentiment, would lead to a policy shift.
"The reality is that the removal of the ALP federal ban will have an influence on  { Beattie and Carpenter's} capacity to maintain their position, and i think its also the case that public opinion is shifting towards favoring uranium mining. And i think all those things will in the end lead to a change in state policy." Both WA and Queensland have had a rush of new uranium exploration companies hoping on an overhaul of the state's policies. Yellowcake Resources Limited will also be applying for exploration licence's in these states and is lobbying this matter and will be ready to take on the opportunities that will present once the state governments warm to this commodity.